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Minisink Valley Cruisers ... No Dues, Just Cruise

Minisink Valley Cruisers began in May 2005.  While on our own cruise, Gary  and myself, John Newhall,  saw a 1971 Challenger and a Duster coming down Rt.6 in Slate Hill, NY.  We promptly met up with them in the parking lot of a pizzeria.  We introduced ourselves and talked for a while. The  couple, Rob and Robin Sklar,  had to pick up their daughter and an impromptu cruise began.  Since that time , the founding members -- John, Gary, Rob and Robin , have successfully grown the Cruisers . We meet every Sunday, weather permitting , at 10 a.m. at the Minisink Valley School. We don't stay long . Our mission is to cruise . We will go to shows, but  we really enjoy the driving . We've been all over NY, NJ, and Pa.

Keep checking back for updates on our club.

I will update the site with pictues as well as any new news.


UPDATE: An Excerpt from a recent event  6-2-09 ---

CruzinPort Roars Through Town In A Big Way :   "there's no more fun than driving  with a group of other car enthusiasts. So I thought how about a cruise night (which is what they call all those events I had attended) where we actually get to CRUISE!   I'd like to thank Sandra Mazza of "The Wanderers" Car Club and Bryan V. Weyant of "The Rod Benders" Car Club for all their advice and support in making this happen. To "The Wanderers", "The Country Cruisers" and "The Minisink Valley Cruisers" thanks for your participation. And to all you car enthusiasts that came - You Rock!! (and Roll) . "
Harold L. Butler

We enjoy driving our Muscle Cars and are always looking for like minded people to join us , regardless of the brand of your car. However we have a certain fondness for Mopars.

Remember:  These muscle cars were meant to be driven.     And that we do.

More pictures are on the Photo pages. Click on ANY photo to Supersize it .

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