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2010 .... and Beyond

On this page you will find pictures of our exploits at shows , and of course, on the road cruising.  If you would like to join us,  we can be found on Sunday morning at 10 a.m.  at the Minisink Valley School campus on Rt. 6 in Slate Hill.  Come alone or with your best girl / guy or family. All are welcome.  Cool

 The following is an excerpt from Street Rodder Magazine : "Our afternoon drive was long as we traveled four hours to the town of Port Jervis, New York where we were going to be guests of honor at a special monthly cruise being held in our honor. What we found when we arrived in Port Jervis was really amazing. The main drag in the town had been blocked of for cruising and the streets were line with cars, trucks, and motorcycles of all different styles. The cruising went on from 6PM until about 8:30 when awards were given out to winners of different classes. Many thanks to Harold Butler who helped to coordinate our visit to Port Jervis. It was a fun evening. Wednesday was a day I had been looking forward to all summer. We visited the Woodstock Festival site and the new and very beautiful Bethel Woods Center for the Arts. Forty years ago at the tender young age of eighteen I made the trip to the hillside in upstate New York and became part of what was the defining moment of the 1960's. I have made one return trip to the site in 1996 with the original Road Tour coupe but it has really changed since then. After a beautiful 45 minute drive from Port Jervis we(sic)were met at the Bethel Woods by Jodi Kane who is in charge of group visits. Jodi did a fantastic job of showing us the grounds and the incredible facility that has been built at the original site. There are summer concerts each year at Bethel Woods but for me the crown jewel was the museum. It is an amazing collection of artifacts and items that tell the story of not only the concert itself but what events in our nations history lead up to that moment in August of 1969. It really tells the story of the 1960's. Our stop at Bethel Woods was a high point in our Classic Automobilia Road Tour week." - Jerry Dixey . The Minisink Valley Cruisers, represented by John , Gary and John E., attended the drive to Bethel Woods. The days activities, joining the Road Tour and visiting Bethel Woods with the other cruisers on the Tour, was a highlight for us as well. More information and pictures to follow. UPDATE: We are in Street Rodder Magazine, March 2010 edition. Look for us !!!

3 Minisink Cruisers with Street Rodder @ Bethel Woods...

Amsoil / Street Rodder Road Tour 2009 logo

John E.'s 1971 Mustang coupe ... the newest addition to the M.V.C. 's !

Some of our members at this year's 1st " help us make it through the winter " breakfast

More of our members @ our 1st breakfast of 2010. We had a great turnout.

Breakfast with friends ... a nice way to start the New Year !

3-21-10 Cruise Season Has Begun !!!!

Thru the Hawk's Nest up Rt.97 for a great drive

Here is PROOF .... that we really DO cruise!

April 2010 CruisinPort .... Minisink Valley Cruisers are out in FULL support , as usual

More M.V.C.'s

& still more ...

Cruisin' thru Newton, NJ towards our destination

Bangor's BIG Winners ...

Opening night @ The Chatterbox 2010

Destination : Rhinebeck

Met up with Joe in Rhinebeck

Some MVC's @ Bloomingburg's Memorial Day Celebration & Parade

Brian's Charger .... People's Choice Winner !

Joe's 7 Tee and Tommy's '65 @ Grace Church show

Another Sunday, Another Town .... Warwick

Today's Lineup --- 3 Mopars and a Ford. All Good!

Some Crew, Huh ?

On The Road Again ..... Just can't wait to get on the road again .

Welcome Vinnie ... our NEWEST Minisink Valley Cruiser !

The things we see when we're out Cruisin' ... Beautiful.

Nice Colors .........

Stopped in for some home cooked breakfast .... Ummmm Good.

Good Eats & Good Fun ...

Pa. Sat. night Cruise

And The Rest of Us ... in Pa.